Veggies Catering Campaign

Award-winning vegan caterers with 30 years experience

We are a not-for-profit vegan co-operative, supporting campaigns for animals, people and planet since 1984. We can provide food at almost any event including campaign rallies, community festivals, family celebrations and green gatherings. Our speciality is our award-winning Veggies Burgers (Ethical Consumer Best Buy), but we can also do vegan buffets for private events and full field-kitchen events for gatherings.

Telephone:0115 960 8254 or 07870 861837

100% Vegan Weddings Private Functions Markets Festivals Demos and Activism Fundraisers and Open Days Classes Fairtrade Organic Locally Sourced


Cinders from Veggie says:
I'm part of the Veggies Crew (so not unbiased), and I'm also a dog (so not supposed to eat this food), but once some cake fell on the floor so I ate it and it was amazing.